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Here at Perth Physio, we offer a variety of treatments based on current evidence-based practice. These include:


Mobilisations and Manipulations

Mobilisations and manipulations are manual therapy techniques applied to your joints. These passive movements are used with the aim of restoring optimal motion, function and/or reduce pain, and are often used in conjunction with other treatments such as soft tissue therapy and exercise prescription.


Soft Tissue Therapy

Our physiotherapists are trained in various soft tissue therapy techniques including massage and trigger point therapy. Trigger points are focal points of tightness within a tight band of muscle which can be painful themselves and refer pain elsewhere. Soft tissue therapy can help relieve pain and muscle tightness.


Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM)

IASTM involves using a tool to aid mobilisation of the soft tissues, including fascia. This can be for pain relief, reducing muscle tightness or fascial restrictions or increasing range of movement.



Our physiotherapists use acupuncture mainly for pain relief and reduction of muscle spasm. Although not for everyone, it can be a useful adjunct to our other treatments as well as helpful for long term management of certain conditions. Your physiotherapist will discuss whether acupuncture is appropriate for you and any potential side effects to treatment. Further information on acupuncture can be found on the website of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists.


Exercise Prescription and Rehabilitation

For most conditions, exercises that you carry out at home are a vital part of your recovery. Your physiotherapist will explain your exercises programme to you. We can also provide paper or electronic access to your exercise programme to make sure you can confidently carry out your exercises at home. Our physiotherapists are also trained in Pilates – please see our Pilates page for more detailed information on the benefits of Pilates.



Your physiotherapist may suggest taping as part of your treatment. As well as rigid strapping tape, we also use Kinesiotaping. This flexible tape gives versatility to treatment, allowing us to facilitate or inhibit muscles, offload painful structures or reduce fascial restriction.

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